Natural Ways To Conceive A Boy

baby_boy_colouringWhether a parent conceives a boy or a girl is something that is nature’s gift. There are some scientifically known facts which assure you in having a boy child one of them is the time of intercourse. Hey couples! We are here to help you all out with some ways to conceive a boy.

There are some methods or ways to conceive a boy which are as follows:

  • Shettles method: The philosophy or you can say the notion behind shettles method is that the Y chromosome (Boy sperm) is weaker, smaller and nippy as against the X chromosome (Girl sperm).
  • Ovulation time/Time of intercourse: According to shettles method the parents should have sex just before or immediately after ovulation so as to increase the chances of conceiving a boy Some tips associated with the same are:
  • Basal body temperature: Basal body temperature increases at the time of ovulation so you need to keep the check on it at least 2 months prior to conception as said before that the intercourse should be done immediately before or after ovulation.
  • Ovulation prediction kit can also help in detecting luteinizing hormone (LH) that the body releases prior to ovulation.
  • To be certain about ovulation date one should observe her cervical mucus each and every day. Cervical mucus should be elastic and watery.
  • Timing of intercourse to increase the chances of conceiving a boy: Intercourse should be done 24 hours before or 12 hours after ovulation to increase the chances of conceiving a boy child as Y chromosome (Boy sperm) which is faster but weak reach the egg faster as compared to Y chromosome (Girl Sperm) and this is due to cervical mucus which is slippery at these time mentioned.
  • Sexual positions to conceive a boy child: Some theories says that deep penetration that is rear-entry position, which just put the sperm near to the cervix gives Y chromosome (Boy sperm) a lead start to fertilize first as it is faster than the Y chromosome ( Girl Sperm).
  • Orgasm during sex increases the chances of conceiving a boy as their bodies produces a substance that just make the vagina more alkaline thus helping Y chromosome to reach the cervix faster.
  • Preferably avoid acidic food to conceive a boy: Y chromosome prefer alkaline environment and acidic foods may affect the environment hence it should be avoided as much as possible.
  • Altering and understanding the ph level of the body through beverages and food makes the vagina a better environment for X chromosome or Y chromosome.
  • Eat specific foods like red meat, fish, beans, peas, mushroom, sweet corn, raisins, salty foods and bread just few days before the conception. Thus creating a more alkaline ph level in the vagina.
  • According to the study by oxford higher glucose level and higher energy intake can be linked to conception of a boy and it should be taken throughout the day to increase more chances.
  • Caffeine which we find in coffee mostly can also help in conceiving a boy so women’s should always encourage their partner’s to take caffeine before sex.
  • Taking cough syrup few hours before intercourse can also help to the cause as it contains guaifenesin which thins cervical mucus.

Thus at last we can say that there are different ways to conceive a boy through methods given by different sources especially by Shettles method There are many more ways to conceive a boy but here we discussed a few of them.


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