How to have a boy?

How TO Have A BoyGender Selection is particularly a controversial topic which means predetermination of the sex of your baby because many experts as well as doctors significantly disregard the rituals as well as the old wives tales associated with selecting the baby’s gender.

Some researchers as well as experts say that there are few techniques which really help people in increasing the chances of conceiving a boy.

Despite the spread of such a wide awareness among people about the equality of boy and girl some still prefer to conceive a boy as they have their personal choices or likings.

Those who are searching for techniques or methods associated with the same landed on the very right page as here we will discuss about some methods or techniques about “How to have a boy.”

How to have a boy or how to conceive a baby boy or how to get pregnant with a boy are some major questions which are usually asked by couples and there are many people who get convinced by certain techniques which help them in increasing chances of conceiving a boy.

Techniques like having sex at the right time or having the right diet. There are some doctors which significantly believe that the couples can have a boy while others think that its only possible via using certain normal techniques.

There are various myths associated with the same and on contrary, there are evidences as well. People who want to have a boy or a girl can easily try out some of the techniques which are really not hurt and can be happy conceiving a boy.

There are various gender selection techniques which are available in the market but how to have a boy is still a question whose answer is being searched by many couples. There are some ways which include some scientific as well as silly which further manipulate the mother nature as well as increase the chances of conceiving a boy. Let’s head turn over to these gender selection techniques.


Low Tech methods

The low tech methods are for those old fashioned couples who look out for less-expensive as well as more effective techniques to have a boy. But these methods are less effective and time consuming; still there is no harm in trying these.

  • Couples can try out Shettles method which helps in choosing the gender of the baby
  • Couples can refer to Fertility Calendar which help them in choosing the gender of the baby interactively.
  • Diet highly influence the gender of baby
  • The gender selection of a baby is deeply associated with diet as well the time
  • Coffee plays a major role in conceiving a boy
  • Cough syrup does improve as well as increase the chances of getting pregnant with baby boy
  • Couples can even try out changing their body chemistry which can help in increasing the chances of conceiving a boy
  • While making love, couples must rely on the best position through which chances of conceiving a boy may increase
  • Couples must strictly follow the fertility calendar and choose the right time of having a boy
  • Orgasm plays a vital role in increasing the chances of getting pregnant with boy
  • The female counterpart must try to change her vaginal environment accordingly which will significantly help her in conceiving a boy

High Tech methods

Those people who are getting assistance from science in getting pregnant are able to select the gender of their baby as these high tech methods are really exciting as well as promising but they are even controversial, costly, invasive as well as need couples to meet the eligibility criteria.

  • Ericsson Method

MicroSort or Sperm Sorting

This method basically involves separation of the girl-producing sperm from that of the boy-producing sperm. Furthermore, this method includes inserting the desired sperm into the mother’s womb via IUI.

PGH (Preimplantation Genetic Haplotyping)

This method help those couples undergone genetic testing as well as are carriers of some serious disorders associated with gender-linking. This method is basically used in conjunction along with IVF.

Furthermore, it is really effective as well as controversial because until and unless there is no significant medical reason behind the gender selection, the doctors and experts discourage the method.


The success rate of conceiving a boy through Biorhythms method is a 95% success and it was being discovered in late 19th century that biorhythm’s of a mother plays a vital role during the time of conception while determining the gender of the baby.

The biorhythms modify the vaginal environment of the female counterpart accordingly in the decreasing or increasing phase.

No Tech Methods

These methods include the old wives tales about how to have a boy for which you need to do a quick search on web because these methods are associated with some research but these come with no guarantee.

Some theories even focus on nutrition like increasing the chances of conceiving a boy can be done by indulging more with salty foods, red meat and potassium. There are various other methods which are associated with the sexual positions like making love by standing or doggy style.Though these might sound something kooky but we are sure that you will have fun.

Many people ask a significant question that “can we really choose the sex of our baby?” The answer to this particular question is that as long as women are making babies, they are even exchanging their ideas about increasing the chances of conceiving a baby boy.

But there are no medical evidences associated with the same and therefore, people look out for some techniques about how to have a boy. Couples are more likely to conceive a boy if they make love on the ovulation day because the sperm reaches the orgasm and swim faster with the release of an alkaline fluid.

However we have sorted out the Undisclosed step by step guide, in a ebook and giving it away for free for sometime. Please feel free to download and make good use of the ebook, which shares the inner secrets of the method.