How To Conceive A Boy Through Proper Diet

How-to-conceive-a-boyYou must be wondering about how to conceive a boy through proper diet”, which is one of the ways to increase the chances of conceiving a boy naturally. Check this PDF EBOOK to get all the factors for conceiving a boy naturally, in one place. All of us must not be aware about the great role which diet plays while you are trying to conceive a boy.

The type of food selected for your diet can affect the gender of the conceived baby. As we have already discusses about the “X” and “Y” chromosomes, “X” being responsible for conceiving a girl and “Y” being responsible for having a boy.

Both the sperms carrying “X” and “Y” chromosomes are affected by the body’s ph balance, which in term is dependent on the diet. As we already discussed the girl sperms ”X” have thicker protection than the boy sperms “Y”, which helps them to survive for longer in acidic environment. Hence to increase the chance of having a boy, would be mother needs to concentrate on getting the ph balance of her body alkaline.

Alkaline Diet To Conceive A Baby Boy!

Now let us go ahead and have a look into the foods which would help you to increase the ph level of your body. During the period while you are trying to have a baby boy, the diet should include, sufficient amount of Sodium and potassium. These are alkaline in nature and hence tend to increase the body’s ph level.Alkaline-diet-to-conceive-a-boy

TIP:Foods like banana, sweet corn, sausages, fresh fruits low in sugar, soya beans and red meat, will help to increase the ph level of your body. Click here to download the pdf ebook which contains the whole list of foods, you can eat to increase the ph of your body.

Avoid Foods Containing Too Much Magnesium And Calcium To Conceive A Baby Boy

Although we are all aware that calcium and magnesium are very much required for a woman’s body, but it is better to avoid foods containing too much of those two minerals during the period you are trying to get pregnant with a baby boy.

As these two minerals are acidic in nature and hence tends to decrease the ph of body, which facilitates sperms carrying “X” chromosome which is responsible for giving birth to a baby girl.

TIP: Foods you need to steer clear during the period you are trying to have a baby boy are broccoli, grapes, Apples, dairy products etc. You can download the whole list of foods, which is included in this ebook.


At all times it should be remembered to ensure you get a healthy diet which is more important, for getting your baby boy.

Maintain High Balance Of Calories To Give Birth To A Baby Boy

Under research trial it has been found that women who maintained a good balance of calorie in the body throughout the while also maintaining the proper ph (alkaline diet) gave birth to baby boys. In a research it was found that 56 percent of the women, who maintained a healthy level of calorie, gave birth to a boy compared to a 45 percent of the women who took low level of calories during the day.

Start The Prenatal Diet Supplements Early!

Just as you need to make the conditions favorable for the sperms carrying “Y” chromosome to fertilize the egg, by maintaining an alkaline ph balance in your body. You also need to remember that your body needs to work in perfect harmony to carry out the final process of fertilization.

To ensure that you must keep you body healthy, and in that the prenatal diet supplements play a great role. It makes sure your body has all the required nutrients and amino acids to perform well during the conception.

Note: There are various other tips on the diet that can highly increase the chance of having a baby boy for you, which has been already researched and tried by many. You can download the Ebook which has brought happiness to many new mothers, just like me. So just stop worrying and find out how to conceive a boy.

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