How To Conceive A Boy: A Scientific Guide

How To Conceive A BoyI am sure you must be very eager to know about “how to conceive a boy”. It was same for me two years back as I was already blessed with a lovely baby girl.

I already had some knowledge about the working of “X”(Responsible For Having A Girl) and “Y”(Responsible For Having A Boy) chromosome of the male sperms from my school education. (Click Here To Know More About “X” and “Y” Chromosomes)

And felt I could certainly increase the chances of having a boy by an extremely higher percentage by doing some research. And soon started researching regarding the same.

I am happy to say that now I have been blessed with a baby boy. So I thought, I would go ahead and share the scientific methods And details I followed which increased the probability to conceive a boy by many folds.I also received an enormous amount of information from this ebook which you can download here.

How To Conceive A Boy: Favoring The “Y” Chromosome

You might have already checked out the reference page about chromosome and know, it is the sperm that actually decides the gender of the baby. And some sperms carry the “X” chromosomes which when fertilizes the the egg, the baby will be a girl. And some sperms carry “Y” chromosomes which when fertilizes the egg, the baby will be a boy.

The “X” and “Y” chromosomes have different characteristics and hence if we are able to provide a favorable condition for the “Y” chromosome scientifically, the chance of conceiving a boy increases by several folds.

Difference Between “X” and “Y” Chromosome:

Sperms with “X” Chromosome

Sperms carrying “X”(Responsible For Baby Girl) Chromosomes are found to be slower than the sperms carrying “Y” (Responsible For Baby Boy) chromosomes.

The sperms with “X” chromosomes are found to live longer than the sperms with “Y” chromosomes.

The sperms with “X” chromosomes are larger and are comparatively less agile than the sperms with “Y” chromosomes.

Sperms with “Y” Chromosome

Sperms carrying “Y” (Responsible for Baby Boy) chromosomes are found to be faster than the sperms carrying “X” (Responsible for Baby Girl) chromosomes.

The sperms with “Y” chromosomes are found to live shorter amount of time than the sperms with “X” chromosomes.

The sperms with “Y” chromosomes are smaller and more agile than the sperms with “X” chromosomes.

Things You Need To Do To Increase The Chances Of Conceiving A Boy

The idea is to favor the characteristics of the sperms which are carrying the “Y” chromosome so that it can get a head start and fertilize the egg first. And the list goes as below:

1) The better you can time the intercourse close to the ovulation (The process when the egg is released from ovary), higher the chances it will be fertilized by a sperm carrying “Y” chromosome. Since they are small and can move faster than the sperms carrying “X” chromosome.

2) It’s best not to have intercourse 4-5 days before the ovulation since the chances are  sperm with “Y” chromosome will not survive for that long but a sperm with “X” chromosome might. So have the intercourse absolutely on the day of ovulation.

3) Have deep penetration during the intercourse as in that case the sperms will be deposited much closer to the cervix, so the sperm will have to travel a short distance. The sperms with “Y” chromosome are much more agile and fast that the ones with “X” chromosomes and has higher chances of reaching the egg first.

4) A rear entry style (also known as doggy style) helps in a deep penetration. Also a reverse cowgirl style should do the job.

5) It’s best for men to avoid tight trousers or jeans and also a bath min hot water, as sperms gets killed in high temperature. The chances are smaller less protected ones with the “Y” chromosomes will get killed much faster, than the ones with “X” chromosomes which are a bit more protected.

6) The woman should achieve an orgasm, since during the orgasm stimulates the alkaline secretion inside the vagina which favors the sperms with “Y” chromosome.

7) The orgasm also tends to facilitate a muscular movement inside the vagina which in terms helps the sperms to gives a kick forward in swimming towards the egg. Since the sperms with “Y” chromosomes are smaller, they tend to move faster than their counterpart.

There are several other ways which highly increase the chances of conceiving a boy, as it happened in my case.

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So now you have downloaded the book and is much more aware about how to conceive a boy, I am sure you are going to try them out.