How To Conceive A Baby Boy: The Ultimate Guide

how-to-conceive-a-baby-boyGender selection is one of the most controversial topics. Many of the doctors as well as the fertility experts disregard the facts surrounding the gender selection of a baby by rituals as well as the old wives tales.

Many of us don’t really know about the methods of how to conceive a baby boy or a baby girl. There are numerous techniques which increase the chances of conceiving a boy or a girl. The very first method which was introduced in 1960s was The Shettles Method along with a recorded book “How to choose the sex of your baby.”

This book claims that if the method is properly applied then the chances and success rate comes about 75-80 percent. Various research studies also claim that sexual positions as well as diet mostly affect the gender selection of a baby. Here we are with some tips which will help you all in raising chances of conceiving a baby boy and further will help you all in gaining some knowledge about how to conceive a baby boy naturally.

Now-a-days, people are looking for numerous ways of how to conceive a baby boy and if so you too are looking then this article will probably one of the most important article associated with the same. Now you might think that why this article will be important so the reason behind this saying is that this article will give you tips and information on how to conceive a baby boy.

All the information we will be discussing with you all here is easy as well as natural and completely safe. Furthermore, no health risk is involved and all the methods are discussed below keeping in mind about our readers well being. Women continue to exchange ideas about raising chances of conceiving a baby boy.

Let’s turn our heads over with some tips about how to conceive a baby boy.

  • Time of ovulation which sounds really obvious but while planning and trying to conceive, the woman counterpart must be absolutely sure about the same. Various ovulation predictor kits are available widely in the market at grocery and drug stores.
  • Couples need to take care about having sex close to the time of ovulation. The male sperms are really fast swimmers and eventually die too super fast. The female sperms hang around for a while and take little time to getting an egg. Having sex close to the time of ovulation will simply raise chances of conceiving a baby boy.
  • Hey couples it’s really a good time to say good bye to the missionary sex position and try having sex in those positions which allow deeper penetration because deeper penetration will leave the male sperm closer to uterus and further better chances of winning.
  • The male sperms prefer to have alkaline environments. These environments are less acidic and in order to increase the alkalinity, medical experts and doctors recommend and advise to consume more red meat as well as soda and salty foods. Woman counterpart must eat like a man and its all for the sake of baby boy.
  • Having an orgasm helps in maintaining and producing more alkaline environment which is really conductive in producing boys. This is highly recommended by the Shettles Method.
  • Various couples use the Chinese lunar calendar which is around them since hundreds of years. It helps in determining the gender of a baby using the mother’s age along with the month in which she conceives. Couples must use this calendar in order to determine the month in which they conceive which will help them getting a baby gender of their choice. Even some of the experts say that the accuracy of this method is about 99%.
  • Woman counterparts must convince their male counterparts for wearing boxers because the male sperm hates heat and eventually wearing boxers will help them in keeping things cool as well as breezy down there. Furthermore, ask your man not to take hot baths or hot tubs.
  • Some women think that having cough syrup just before sex increase chances of conceiving a baby boy. Some experts even say that having cough medicine helps in thinning the mucus membrane surrounding the cervix which further helps the little swimmers to get through them and many women even actively intake which help them to get pregnant faster.

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Hey ladies/gents! There you have them all the tips and tricks about how to conceive a baby boy. Now you might think that will they work? Ah! No one knows that but there is no harm trying them and it will be fun too. If you know more or having any queries please let us know.