How To Get Pregnant With A Boy? – Everything You Want To Know

You know everyone think we are fools, right? Baby Boy With Mom

That’s the look you get when you ask about how to get pregnant with a boy.

To most of them it’s a joke.

It’s sort of a lottery system over which you don’t have any control.

Try asking your friends and colleagues, who still believes the old thoughts and is not ready to move to the new age. And see the response.

What if I told you that I understand and believe about how it feels, wanting to know how to get pregnant with a boy.

Because I have been in your position before, and had to cross the same path, you are now in. But since you are here, your journey from today to get a baby boy is going to be a breeze.

I am going to present you with all the resources in one place, which will tremendously increase the chances of having a baby boy.

Okay, so let’s move to the point..

My Story- How I Got Pregnant With A Boy?

After having my first daughter, when we decided to have another baby, I started to search for the information about how to get pregnant with a boy. Not out of desperation, but out of pure love to have a complete family.

I was in the same situation as you are today; researching over the internet, knowing that it is possible, but unable to thread all the information together.

After a few attempt I got hold of the techniques, which increased my chances of having a baby boy. And viola, it did the work for me. And off course I will share it with you. 🙂

However, before I move to the point, let’s go ahead and know the basics of human pregnancy, so you can understand the techniques better and make good use of it.

Gender Selection For Having A Boy

It can be done in both clinical and non clinical way, the first one involves visiting clinic and getting it sorted out there. But be warned it can incur a huge bill and are pretty costly.

That’s the reason I selected the second option and would suggest you too.

 How Gender Selection Works?

A human embryo (baby) is formed when an egg released from a female meets the male sperms. The male sperm is responsible for the gender of the baby, as it contains two distinct chromosomes namely X (Female) and Y (Male), individually in each sperm.

Our process depends on helping the Y chromosome reaching the egg first and fertilizes it and hence conceiving a baby boy.

If you are ready go ahead and download my Free eBook, where, I documented the methods step by step here. Alternatively you can read on to gain some more knowledge and facts over the subject.


There are several ways which increases the chances of Y sperm reaching the Egg first and they are:

Tracking the ovulation:

This helps to pin point the exact date on which the egg is released from the ovary. Which helps you to have the intercourse on that day and hence, helps to fertilize the egg with a Y sperm, since they move faster than X sperm?

To know more about how the sperms function, you can check my previous in-depth article on this.

Through Proper Diet:

Having proper diet, or in this case alkaline diet, helps the body to harbor an alkaline ph in the body, which in turn helps the sperms carrying Y chromosome? Which will help it to move faster and fertilize the egg.

By Timing The Intercourse:

By timing the intercourse you can give a head start to the sperms carrying Y chromosomes. Since these sperms moves faster than the X chromosomes, it increases the chances of getting the egg fertilized by an Y chromosome sperm.

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