The Information You Cannot Miss While Conceiving A Boy

It is a baby boyUsually women try conceiving a boy because they have a natural desire for a opposite sex baby and then they try to search for things which can help them in improving the chances of getting pregnant with a male child. However you need not search more as you can get everything in this EBook.

One of these methods includes Shettles method which helps in conceiving a baby with a specific gender. And people trying to have a boy must check out a book “How to choose the sex of your baby” written by Dr. Landrum Shettles and this method is said to be 80-90% accurate and effective if followed properly for conceiving.

If you are reading this article it means that you are trying to conceive a boy and want to have a look at some tips and tricks for natural methods. Some people do ask that if they can influence the gender of their baby then answer is you can try out your best for it.

Getting a boy naturally is not that difficult and people can easily follow some home-grown methods like tweaking the diet, consuming cough syrup or following Chinese lunar calendar and many more such things.

Many of the doctors as well as fertility experts claim that they can’t really influence the gender of a baby as there are various compelling factors along with anecdotal evidences which are contrary to the matter.

Many of the couples are purely convinced by the fact that following few certain techniques like changes in their diet along with changing some positions in the bedroom and drinking little concoctions helped them in conceiving a boy.

Facts To Keep In Mind While Trying For A Baby Boy!

conceiving a boy

Couples who are absolutely determined of getting pregnant with a baby boy and even trying to take over anything then they can easily consider the following discussed tricks which are even swear by the doctors as well as astrologists. You can check the interviews of Moms Here.

The Chinese lunar calendar is the most famous as well as old gender-predicting calendar. Using this calendar the gender of the baby is determined by evaluating it with the age of mother as well as the month in which she conceives.

Many people do say that the findings of this calendar are 99% accurate but still without any strong evidence there is no harm in trying it out. Various gender-predicting experts claim that having boyish diet help in increasing the chances of conceiving a boy but following specifically for few weeks.

Switching diet will only change the pH balance in the body which particularly plays a major role in the sex of a baby. Accordingly, the daily food must include plenty of salty foods, mushrooms, fish, red meat, raisins, bread, sweet corn, eggs and zucchini.

In order to maintain an alkaline environment which helps in thriving the boy-bearing sperm then the woman counterpart need to avoid acidic foods. Some recent researches and studies claim that intake of food in high quantities throughout the day raises the chances of conceiving a boy.

It is recommended to consume varied nutrients such as vitamins C, E, B12, potassium and calcium. Furthermore, breakfast is highly recommended so no skipping the same.

Many other fertility experts as well as doctors claim that certain sexual positions also play a major role in getting pregnant with baby boy and it can even improve the chances as well.

Though the positions were bounded to lead a male offspring in the ancient times like during sex heads must point towards the north or making would-be mother to sleep on the left side of the bed.

Many developments took place and finally introduced various theories associated with positioning which made everything more complex. Furthermore, experts even claim that the time of the intercourse must be right that means if you want to conceive a baby boy then you must abstain yourself few days from sex just before the ovulation and have intercourse close to ovulation.

The male sperms can’t really tolerate excessive heat and the testicles are the ones which keep them safe from the core temperatures. Trying to get a baby boy then you must ask your male counterpart to wear briefs or boxers which will help in keeping things cool and raise chances of conceiving a boy.

Furthermore, cool bath or applying an ice pack to the scrotum will also help in improving some chances to conceive a baby boy. Couples are more likely to conceive a baby boy if they have sex on the particular day of ovulation along with deep penetration.

Conceiving a boy is possible when the male counterpart has a high sperm count because the male sperm is not as strong as the female sperm. Try to make love on odd days of the month and avoid intercourse a week before the ovulation. You can also get a detailed guide in this EBook which you can download here.


So at last just want to conclude that whether getting pregnant with a baby boy or a girl, couples must follow and try all the tricks because there is no harm in trying out those once a while in order to fulfill their wishes. If you have any queries while conceiving a boy please feel free to contact us.