Conceiving A Boy: By Tracking The Ovulation

Conceiving-A Boy-By-Tracking-OvulationWhile conceiving a boy it is very much required to track your ovulation properly as the whole thing of getting pregnant with a baby boy revolves around it. If you would like to know how to conceive a boy, you need to be aware of the facts, how the human sexes are determined during the conception process. To know in in-depth you can download and read this ebook.

Human male produces sperms which can be categorized into two types and they are the ones carrying “Y” chromosomes and “X” chromosomes. The ones carrying “Y” chromosomes when fertilize an egg, it gives rise to a male baby and the ones carrying “X” chromosomes when fertilize an egg, gives rise to an female baby.

Now there are distinctions between the male sperms and female sperms:

Male Sperms:

i)  These are comparatively short and more agile

ii) These are comparatively faster and make rapid movement.

iii) These have a comparatively shorter lifespan.

iv) These have lesser protection and are favored by alkaline environment.

Female Sperms:

i) These sperms are comparatively bigger and less agile than their counterparts.

ii) These are slower and do not make rapid movements than the male ones.

iii) These have much more relatively longer life span.

iv) These have thicker protection and are mostly favored by acidic environment.

The Secret Of Conceiving A Boy

The secret of conceiving a boy lies in the fact that there are really no secrets and it all depends on the above and some other facts and rightly leveraging them. To know the points you can download the EBook available here.


How To Leverage The Above Facts While Conceiving A Boy

The points described in the male sperms portion suggest, it would help the male sperms to fertilize the egg, if it could be given a head start. That can be done in several ways and combining all the ways is the trick that works for almost 94% of the people. Since, the male sperms are shorter, agile, fast and lives for a less amount of time, it seems logical, if we could track the ovulation and give the male sperms a head start in the race it would certainly win.

How To track The Ovulation?

In our previous articles we have discussed about how to time the intercourse with the ovulation dates, however it can only be done if you are able to track your ovulation dates effectively. Since the egg remains viable for fertilization only for a period of 24 hours, missing a date means you lose the chance of conceiving a boy for that month.

Calendar Tracking: A regular menstrual cycle consists of 28 days and the ovulation should occur in the half way. For example if your menstrual cycle starts on day one count it as day one and count the ending date on the day the next cycle starts. It requires to be done since every woman is different and the cycle varies from person to person from 28-35 days. If it varies more than that make sure to consult a doctor and get it regularized.

You need to keep tracking the calendar for at least 3-4 months to understand the trend and get an average date for yourself.

Signals From Body: Being a woman you might have felt it before but might not have knew the reason. When an egg is released from the ovary, there comes a twinge of pain or a series of crams in the lower abdomen. So while you feel some similar pain make sure to note the dates in the tracking calendar and pay close attention to it every month.

Measuring The Basal Body Temperature: Yes you have predicted it correctly and it is not a normal body temperature. You will also need a special thermometer called Basal Body Thermometer to measure the temperature. Basal body temperature is the temperature you get after a good night sleep of 5-6 hours. You need to take the reading while still lying in bed even before you get up for once or start talking.

During the first phase of the cycle your body is dominated by estrogen and during the second cycle it is dominated by the progesterone. The second phase starts once the ovulation has taken place. While the progesterone kicks in it raises the body temperature as it gets the body ready for implanting the egg that was recently released. In simple words, during the first phase of the cycle the temperature remains low and as soon as the ovulation takes place it suddenly increases by at least a half a degree or more.

However to make sure you are tracking it correctly you will need to compute the charts and graphs for at least 3-4 months just like the others.

Message From The Cervix: Tracking the ovulation while conceiving a boy is not such hard after all if you are able to follow the changes occurring throughout the body. During the first phase of the cycle the cervix remains hard and closed. But as the ovulation occurs the cervix becomes much softer and opens up for the sperms to move through it and fertilize the egg. You should be able to follow it up, by inserting your finger during bath or any other time you feel comfortable as you reach near the middle of the cycle.

There are also other signals like the cervical mucus is almost absent during the early stage of the cycle and starts slowly building up as you move forward. The mucus at the end of the first phase is either white or cloudy and breaks apart when stretched between two fingers.

As the ovulation comes nearer the same mucus turns clearer and transparent and does not breaks apart as easily and forms strands when stretched between two fingers.

As soon as the ovulation occurs the mucus turns much thicker as the main purpose of the mucus is to glide the sperms towards the egg that has recently been released.

In order to track it through this way you need to take daily readings after the inspection and note it down for almost 3-4 months to track the differences.

Go The Hi Tech Way: These days there has been many developments in the field of medicine and it is pretty easy to track your ovulation dates if you can shell out some money. There are pee on sticks available which does the work as the name suggest.

You will be required to pee on the stick in order for it to detect whether you have ovulated or not, it works by checking the luteinizing hormone or the LH, which hits the peak just before the ovulation takes place. There are several other ways if you want to go this way, however it can get really costly when you consider the fact that you need to use them several number of times during a cycle.

While conceiving a boy there are several number of steps that needs to be taken to maximize the chances and you can find them all together here in this ebook.