When to conceive a boy?

When To Conceive A BoyWhen to conceive a boy or a girl is totally dependent on the parent’s choice but to conceive a particular gender like say a boy is completely false and is something on which the parent’s too should keep their hope on.

There are parents specially father who wants a boy child in their family as this will bring strength, happiness, positivity in the family which in positive view is a wrong notion in their minds.

But saying so it is also worthwhile to know that there are some scientifically proven things which can help in conceiving a boy child but it doesn’t 100% guarantee you. Like diet, sexual positions, lunar calendars increases the chances of having a boy child.

Some of the scientifically known things are as follows about when to conceive a boy:

  • Timing of intercourse: When to conceive a boy is totally dependent on time of sex it should coincide with the day of ovulation i.e. no earlier than 24 hours before you ovulate.
  • Preferably deep penetrative sex can help you to conceive a boy.
  • At time of sex if the women orgasms it can obviously help to the cause.
  • Before having sex if you have a chocolate or energy drink or any other drink like coffee it can also help in conceiving a boy.

There are some facts and some misconceptions associated with when to conceive a boy which is as follows:

  • Fact is that men are the one who influence the gender of a child that is men sperm has namely to chromosomes that is x chromosome that can 99% guarantee you with a girl child and a y chromosome that can assure you with a boy child.
  • There is no guarantee of conceiving a boy child or a girl child. Parents should not believe or trust in this at all. Any source providing you with any such information is just making you fell in fool’s paradise.
  • The two chromosome’s are x and y chromosome respectively .Sperm produce equal number of x and y chromosome it is random management that rely on which chromosome fertilizes the egg of the female counterpart defines the birth of girl or boy child respectively.
  • There are some men who produces better quality of x chromosome and there are also some who produces better quality of y chromosome hence it can be seen that there are families having more boy child’s then a girl child and vice versa.
  • Any kind of medicine ranging from any herbal or ayurvedic will not define the sex of a child.
  • Caffeine which is present in coffee at high level may help you conceive a boy child as it give y chromosome an additional boost.
  • Suggest your partner to wear boxer short as underpants so their testicles does not hug the body which causes them to overheat and thus chances of conceiving a boy increases.
  • It is suggested to not to eat spicy foods which contains vinegar, fruits and citrus juices.
  • It is advisable to avoid dairy products like milk, ice cream, yoghurt cheese etc.
  • Potassium containing foods like banana, spinach, and broccoli should be taken as it will help in conceiving a boy.
  • Bread, almonds, sprouts, pine nuts and cherries can be taken and is advisable.

Now the question that arises in your mind might me that when would one know that she is ovulated. The answer to this question can be answered through some valuable points:

  • The women’s do sometimes feel pain under the pelvis in the middle of their monthly cycle.
  • Ovulation testing kit can be used by the women’s as it will help to know the hormonal changes that took place during ovulation.
  • Women’s during the time of ovulation look more attractive and are more relaxed.
  • Before the ovulation in the women’s take place there is increase in basal body temperature so if you are trying to conceive a boy it is suggested to check your basal temperature so as to know your peak times of fertility and to have sex at that moment of time.

So when to conceive a boy is dependent at the time of intercourse with your partner. This is a scientifically proven but the result may not be 100%.

In my view one should respect the nature and its natural phenomena and also believe in the natural ways of increasing the chances of them. It will help to reinforce the cause, you are working for.


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