How To Conceive A Boy By Timing The Intercourse

How To Conceive a Boy By Timing The IntercourseHow to conceive a boy is the question that comes to all of our minds once we have decided to have a baby boy for ourselves. Although there are many aspects in which you can increase the probability of getting a baby boy naturally today we are going to limit our discussion about timing the intercourse. However if you want to know all the facts responsible for getting a boy you cherish, definitely consider checking out this pdf ebook, which enlists the strategies to elevates the chances.

Why Timing Is Important While Trying To Conceive A Boy?

To know why we should time the intercourse, we should first rather know, more about ovulation and the difference in sperms which are responsible for conceiving a baby boy or a girl.

“Ovulation” is the process during which ovum or egg is released from the ovary. During every month considering the fact that you are having a normal cycle, there is a window of approx five days, which is termed to be the most fertile period. It is precisely three days before the ovulation and one day after ovulation, taking the day of ovulation into account.

We should always remember the fact that once an egg is released from the ovary, it remains viable only for a period of twenty four hours. And in most cases the egg perishes after that period.

However, the sperms can survive up to a period of five days in the female reproductive tract. Now while discussing about the sperms we must know, about the differences.

Males produces two kinds of sperms, one which carry a “Y” chromosome which are responsible for having a baby boy and the other one being the ones carrying the “X” chromosomes, the ones responsible for having a baby girl.

There are few differences between the two sperms which sets them apart. The sperms carrying the “Y” chromosomes are comparatively smaller in size are more agile and makes faster movement than their counterpart ones carrying the “X” chromosomes.

Keeping in mind of the above facts, we need to time the intercourse so that, the sperm carrying the “Y” chromosome fertilizes egg.

Things To Remember While Trying To Have A Baby Boy!

To conceive a boy you will need to time the intercourse as close as possible to the day of your ovulation. Since we already discussed above that the “Y” sperms are small in size are more agile and fast and survives much less time than the “X” chromosomes, having intercourse on the day of ovulation will ensure the “Y” chromosomes reaches and fertilizes the egg first. To know more about it in details make sure you read this pdf ebook, which is available online for FREE.


This will ensure that you get a baby boy. However if you want to have a baby girl opposed to this, you should just reverse the things and have the intercourse early to your ovulation date.

Though this process elevates the chances of getting a baby boy there are also several other ways in which you can increase the probability of the same. For example you can tilt your diet to an alkaline diet which enhances the chances of getting a baby boy. Also a lot depends on the sexual positions, you take during the intercourse.

In our next article we are going to discuss about the fact about how you can track your ovulation so as to take and effective measure to schedule the intercourse. We will dig deep and look into the matters and physical changes your body goes through during an ovulation process and how to identify them! This will take you one more step closer to the fact about how to conceive a boy naturally.