How To Conceive A Boy: Top 8 Things You Must Know

How-to-conceive-a-boySince you are here I feel you are hoping to get pregnant with a baby boy. I was in your position two years ago and was wondering how to conceive a boy.

I would like to assure you that with the recent scientific development and the researches; it is very much possible to choose the gender of your baby naturally, and I have seen several people doing so, including me.

If you are excited as I am just now, and want to check out some of the video interviews of the mothers who choose the gender of their baby successfully, you can surely visit them here.

However, I would suggest you to go through the post and take advantage of the huge amount of research I did while I was trying to conceive a boy. It will help you to understand the scientific reasoning’s and will also guide you into understanding the process in-depth.

Let’s Move On And Know How To Conceive A Boy Using These 8 Tips

1) Know Shettles Method And Leverage It

Dr Landrum Shettles conducted several experiments on conceiving a boy or a girl of choice with many couples while choosing the gender and got promising results.

The method is dependent on the fact that the sperm are of two types, the Y sperms responsible for having a boy and X sperms responsible for having a girl, both have different characteristics, which you can use to give a give head start over the other.

As per the findings it is established:

Sperms Carrying Y Chromosomes

  • Are faster, agile and smaller than the sperms carrying X chromosomes.
  • They do not have thicker protection and hence die quicker than the ones carrying X chromosomes.

Sperms carrying X Chromosomes

  • Are slower, less agile and bigger than the sperms carrying Y chromosomes.
  • They have a thicker protection and hence can survive longer than the sperms carrying Y chromosomes.

Hence to conceive a boy, you will have to have the intercourse, on the day of ovulation which will give the sperms carrying Y chromosomes a head start.

2) Track Your Ovulation

When an egg is released from the ovary ovulation is said to have taken place. Tracking the ovulation is so much important because, the whole idea of Shettles method depends on it.

You can check an in-depth article on tracking the ovulation we wrote previously. But in simple words, there are five different ways to track the ovulation and are given below:

  i) Tracking The Calendar

On average menstrual cycle is of 28 days as we all women know. However, it sometimes varies from person to person. The ovulation is due to occur near the half of the cycle. This should be around 14 days from the day the period starts.

In case your cycle is of more than thirty one days, I would suggest having a checkup before starting to track the ovulation.

 ii) Natural Signals

Our body gives us natural signals when an egg is released from the ovary, if we listen to it carefully. You should feel twinge of pain or have crams in the lower abdomen, during the half cycle concluding the release of an egg.

 iii) Basal Body Temperature

Tracking the basal body temperature is a good way to predict the ovulation. You will need a Basal thermometer, which is different from a regular thermometer. And measure the body temperature every day morning before getting up from bed and keep a chart record.

The day ovulation occurs; you should see a sudden jump in temperature from the normal base line. This confirms the ovulation.

 iv) Checking The Cervix

The changes in cervix mucus are a dead giveaway on the quest of how to conceive a boy. The cervix mucus is almost absent during the start of the cycles and slowly builds up.

During the first phase the mucus is white and cloudy in nature and as the ovulation occurs it turns to transparent and much viscous.

 v) Medicinal Kit

Now a days there are several kits available which can track if ovulation has taken place or not. These kits are easily available online or over the shelf in medical stores, and can precisely detect an ovulation. However, these kits are costly and most of them can be used only once.

So I would suggest it would be best to use the kits along with the other natural methods, to effectively find the ovulation date.

To know the in-depth detail about how to conceive a boy download the ebook now.


3) Choose The Intercourse Position Carefully

I am sure it does not occur to us all the time but, while you are searching for the method of how to get a baby boy, you should choose the intercourse method carefully.

It’s time to say bye to missionary style and welcome the rear entry position. The idea is to deposit the sperm as close as possible to the entry of cervix, so that the Y sperms has to cover a less distance and gets a head start. There are several other positions which you can find out in this ebook.

4) Have An Alkali Rich Diet

Yes truly, having an alkali rich diet favors the sperms carrying Y chromosomes. And hence, maintaining a high ph in your body helps the Y sperms to stay alive much longer and swim faster.

There are several foods like banana red meat etc, which contains a lot of sodium and potassium, it helps to keep the Ph level high, which is required for having a baby boy.

5) Have An Orgasm

Having an orgasm is another great way to give a head start to the Y sperms as, it was recently found that orgasm tends to push and speed up the movement of sperms. There are several intercourse techniques which help in having an orgasm and you can find more about it in the eBook here.

6) Ask Your Partner To Have Coffee

Even though this fact has not been tested scientifically, many women have vouched for the fact that it helps to conceive a boy. When the male partner has coffee before the intercourse. It is possible that caffeine helps the sperms in some way, but either way you are not going to lose anything. The ideal choice to brew the coffee would be using a good coffee maker, which keeps all the natural oils intact.

7) Try Cough Syrup?

Many women swear, that cough syrups helps in having a baby boy, as the composition guaifenesin can help to thin the mucus membranes in the cervix and hence help the sperms carrying the Y chromosomes.

8) Keep your partner away from heat

The Y sperms do not perform well and tends to die in heat. So it would be better, if your better half can wear boxers, during the conception period. It’s also recommended to avoid hot bath for the same reason.

There are few other things that need to be taken care while researching how to conceive a boy and you can surely check them here out on this EBook which is available for download.


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